veteran employer resource group

It is becoming common in corporate America for companies to recognize their military Veterans. More importantly, top companies are creating internal programs that have the ability to support Veteran employees so that they may achieve their full potential. Organizations that value passion and innovation, are perfectly poised to create and implement their own unique internal Veteran Employer Resource Group (VERG) program.

Employees with a military background are a unique group of individuals with training and experience unlike any other employee. As forward thinking leadership teams seek to continue to build upon their employee enrichment and social responsibility efforts, they continually explore ways to support those employees within the organization that are serving in the military or are Veterans of military service.

As DVBE Connect engages with progressive organizations, we have become aware of the VERG activities across a broad spectrum of companies. It was from this unique position that we offered to develop a platform for the sharing of knowledge, best practices, networking, and the support of VERGs across the Sacramento region.

We would LOVE to share more about this very purpose driven community effort.

VERG Events